Start-up Advisory

Aircraft MRO Initial Approval (Part-145)

CAMO Initial Approval (Part-M/CAMO)

ATO Initial Approval (Part-147)

EASA, FAA & Other Approvals


Compliance Advisory

Aeroviser provides compliance advisory for aviation organisations and start up projects. Our group of specialists and experts have extensive knowledge and experience on EASA, FAA and many other valued Aviation Authorities' regulations. 

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Start up Advisory


Understand the organisation’s intended scope of work and examine the approval needs


Undertake gap analysis, plan and supervise the actions

Write related documentation such as expositions, contracts, procedures, manuals and forms

Assist with recruitment of new staff and development of competence

Prepare you for Nominated Person/Form 4 Holder interviews with your aviation authority

Assist with purchasing of materials, equipment and software


Assist with planning of facility layout for compliance and efficient work flow


Check and verify compliance with applicable aviation regulations


Help with preparation of the initial application files

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Independent Auditing


Regular independent audits with experienced auditors to evaluate compliance level


Pre-audits before scheduled authority audits to prepare organisations


Pre-audits before gaining new capabilities to evaluate readiness


Independent audits for quality, safety and compliance monitoring departments


Adequacy of procedures audits


Compliance with procedures audits


Product audits


Audit planning and non-compliance management solutions


Auditing outstations, vendors and contracted organisations for assuring compliance

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Company Transactions


Recovering suspended complete or partial approvals


Conducting root cause analysis and proposing short/long term actions


Preparing and managing action plans


Process mapping and optimisation for better efficiency/compliance


Guiding with technological solutions and software implementation


Analysis of organisational needs, missing or excessive resources